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Lexene™ water-reducible marking inks for steel are economical, low in VOC's, and available in many bright colors.

Impression Process

Sheetfed Offset

Dry/Set Tech

Conventional UV Lamp

Formula Base



3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

Lexene™ Marking Inks

Fluid and Paste marking ink for non-paper substrates


Lexene marking inks and colored coatings are being developed by Kerley Ink as an answer to the requirements of manufacturers outside of the graphic arts for such diverse purposes as marking on steel banding, aluminum, various plastics and engineering resins, plus rubber goods. Depending on their formulation and intended purpose, Lexene marking inks can be applied to substrates through a diverse range of methods, including pad printers, flexographic printing units, roll coaters, stampers, and stencils.


Lexene marking inks and coatings can be formulated from an extremely wide range of coatings resins such as:

Acrylic Solid Resin

Acrylic Emulsion


Rosin-modified phenolic





In addition to Lexene Black, Lexene Mixing Bases are available in the following shades (for most Lexene systems):

Custom-formulated color shades are available across the entire Lexene product line, and color matches are welcome.

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Base Color Options

pre-blends available too!

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