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3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

Maxi Set™ : Substitute for rubber-base inks 

 Quickset Small Sheet-Fed Mixing Colors

Maxi Set is designed to be used on small offset presses as a low cost alternative to the more expensive rubber-based inks. Maxi Set is a rubber base substitute, intended to be used on small offset and duplicator presses. Maxi Set is not acrylic or oil-based. Maxi Set can be used anywhere the ink must stay open overnight, set to a tack-free finish in minutes on uncoated paper, and be compatible with integrated dampening systems. Maxi Set Black and Colors are not like conventional oil-based sheetfed inks, either. Unlike oil-based inks, Maxi Set does not rely upon vegetable oils as a major component. The Maxi Set drying mechanism is identical to the drying mechanism employed by rubber-based inks. Maxi Set starts to dry the second it is printed on paper when the solvent in Maxi Set starts to penetrate into the substrate, leaving a dry pigment and resin layer on top of the sheet. Drying oils do not play a significant role in the drying mechanism of Maxi Set. Maxi Set Black and Colors have a heavy, semi free-flowing body, good pigmentation levels, and a tack of 20 points at 1200 RPM.

In addition to Maxi Set Black, Maxi Set Mixing Bases are available in the following shades below.

 See the table below showing specifications and product range.

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Table: Current rubber-base substitute family of sheet-fed litho inks, versions and specifications
Base Mixing Colors

Spot Colors 'pre-blends' available (conditions may apply)

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