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Impression Process

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3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

Litho King™ : Value-Priced

 Quickset Sheet-Fed Process Colors

Conventional Oil-based Sheetfed Press-Ready Offset Inks

Stay-open, strongly pigmented, Quicksetting Litho Black & Process Colors

Developed as an outgrowth of Kerley Ink's "BigFish" super-fast drying web offset technology, Litho King ™ conventional oil-based series quickset sheetfed litho inks are formulated to exhibit long-lasting freshness on-press, yet set tack-free seconds after impression. Use Litho King for long-run, high volume sheetfed printing, such as books and catalogs. Litho King is suitable for the following substrates:


-Coated paper

-Uncoated & offset stock

-Paperboard & C1S stock 

Litho King series inks are manufactured using "dry color" pigment dispersions made in-house at Kerley Ink, thus assuring maximum color strength and purity, but at the lowest price. Litho King also has polyethylene wax in it to help with surface slip and scuff resistance without hindering adhesion of overcoats and overprint varnishes. Litho King sets fast, but won't dry up on your press overnight!


Litho King also has an average 34% up to 50%  bio/renewables content incorporating drying oils, which makes it capable of curing to a harder film with the addition of cobalt/manganese/zirconium driers. 

The Litho King Series of press-ready quickset sheetfed base colors are available in the following colors below.


See the table below showing specifications and product range.

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Table: Current Litho King family of quickset conventional oil-based sheet-fed inks, versions and specifications
Process Color (4-Color, CMYK) Options
Packaging Options
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