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PlastiPrint™ LED: for LED UV systems

 Process, Mixing & Spot Colors

PlastiPrint™ LED is a press-ready, high-adhesion offset ink that UV cures fast and sticks like glue to almost any plastic film. Derived from our UViDec™ series metal deco inks, PlastiPrint™ LED will tenaciously adhere to various plastic substrates such as PVC, Polypropylene, PET and other films* too.


Often, PlastiPrint™ LED will not even need a primer coating to adhere well enough to pass a tape pull adhesion test. Plus, protective overcoatings adhere well to PlastiPrint™ LED inks, thus providing extra protection from scuffing and wear.


PlastiPrint™ LED inks are formulated for use with LED UV curing lamps.


PlastiPrint™ LED is available in 4-color process, plus many permanent and coatable mixing color bases.


*Corona treatment may be necessary prior to printing on certain films such as polypropylene

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Table: Current UViDec family of mercury vapor UV cured acrylate-based sheetfed inks, versions and specifications
Base Color Options

Spot Colors 'pre-blends' available (conditions may apply)

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