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Thermasoy™ & Thermasoy™ LO-VOC

 Bio-based Heatset Web-Offset Process Colors

Designed to complement the Nova & Econotherm lines of press-ready heatset inks in a soy oil-based heatset vehicle, the Thermasoy line is available in black and process colors and can be specially ordered in Warm Red and Reflex Blue. Thermasoy inks are a reduced-VOC version of our world-famous Nova high performance heatset inks. Thermasoy inks contain a minium of 7% soy oil, directly replacing petroleum distillates. This means that by using Thermasoy, printers will be polluting less because there are now 7 to 10% less VOC's in the ink. Thermasoy inks can be ordered in process colors in quantities of at least 400 lbs. per color, blacks at least 900 to 1800 lbs.


Thermasoy inks are formulated in such a way that they can be substituted for Nova & Econotherm heatset inks with no problems. Thermasoy Black has all of the superior transfer, drying, gloss, trap, and blue tone of the Nova/Econotherm Blacks. Thermasoy Process Colors have the high strength, good gloss, rub and scratch resistance, drying, transfer and press stability of any non-soy oil-based heatset ink. Remember, when you buy Thermasoy, you really are doing something positive for the environment!


And now we also offer our ultra low-VOC version, Thermasoy "LO-VOC"!It’s eventually coming: carbon-control legislation. Are you and your heatset web offset clients ready? We are, and when you use ThermaSoy "LO VOC"-series inks from Kerley, you can be too.


Here’s why ThermaSoy "LO VOC" inks are going to be so necessary to use: nearly all heatset web printers rely on thermal afterburners to convert hydrocarbon solvent fumes to carbon dioxide and water vapor. It’s a simple solution to a chronic problem. ­However, with carbon emission-control legislation coming, heatset web printers are going to be polluters once again because of CO2 emissions from burning natural gas and heatset ink vapors. Cutting CO2 emissions cuts costs.


The solution? Reduce the hydrocarbon solvent content of the ink by 50%. Go from 45% solvent content down to 22% or less! It’s the same as halving ink consumption. CO2 emissions will drop significantly. Use Thermasoy "LO VOC" for all types of paper stocks – both coated and uncoated. ThermaSoy "LO-VOC" comes in several tack ranges, and has 30-40% bio-based content. It’s greener than even regular ThermaSoy! All Thermasoy Black and Colors are available in medium and low tacks, which encompass the greatest majority of heatset printing applications.


Below is a table featuring what tacks are available in the Thermasoy heatset line.

Please note that the Thermasoy 6 product line is for newsprint and uncoated stocks only.

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Table: Current ThermaSoy family of heatset bio-based web inks, versions and specifications
Process Colors (4-Color, CMYK), Warm Red, & Reflex Blue
Packaging Options
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