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Nova™ : Performance Heatset Series

 4-Color Process, Mixing, & Spot Colors

Nova is our premium heatset web offset ink. The Nova line consists of several families tack-rated "sets", ranging from high tack sets like "Nova 2" suitable for super high-quality miniweb printing all the way down to low tack sets like "Nova 6", necessary for printing on newsprint. Within each tack range, different Nova "sub-series" or "families" are available, each family designed to solve a certain problem or maximize a certain feature. Nova heatset Blacks offer superior transfer, drying, gloss, trap, and blue tone. Nova heatset Colors have the requisite color strength, good gloss, rub and scratch resistance, drying, transfer and press stability that all heatset inks aspire to. A special set of Nova inks is available in a complete line of mixing color bases.


Nova is designed to run on the most expensive cover stocks all the way down to better grades of newsprint with good results any time when a high-gloss, fully-toned heatset black or color is necessary for the print job. Nova Process and Special Colors will run optimally with Nova Black in first or fourth-down positions, but they will also work with any other conventionally formulated heatset black ink or color. The Nova Color tack sequence puts blue slightly above red, and red slightly above yellow.


Some Nova heatset web offset inks are considered "Special Order" inks or "Custom" inks, which both carry a premium charge for orders of less than four drums per color (see "How we price our products"). Inks like our Nova "DXB" line of highly toned heatset blacks are an example of a product we'd like you to order at a minimum of two drums. Nova inks can be ordered in custom shades in quantities of at least 400 lbs. per color, custom blacks at least 900 to 1800 lbs.


The proper choice of which Nova Black and Color to use for a specific application is the single most important factor in determining whether or not Nova will work on press, so always make an effort to contact us or read as much literature as you can before ordering a Nova or any other finished ink from Kerley.


The following pages describe some special sub-series of the Nova heatset line.


Below is a table featuring what tacks are available in the Nova Heatset line:

Check out the choices of specialized Nova heatset series that we offer:

•Nova 4 "PS" Series Heatset Pantone®* Mixing Colors

Nova 4 PS- series heatset web mailing colors are completely press-ready for use in the Pantone color-matching system. Additionally, Nova 4 PS mixing colors feature very high color strength, superb gloss and maximum scuff resistance. If Nova 4 PS is run through a heatset oven, then they qualify to be used as a "laser-safe" inks when used with business forms paper stocks.  The Nova 4 PS Series comes in these basic colors…

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