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3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

Econotherm™ : Value-Priced Heatset Series

 4-Color Process

Econotherm is our premium heatset web offset ink. The Econotherm line consists of many tack-rated "sets", ranging from high tack sets like "Econotherm 2" suitable for high-quality miniweb printing all the way down to low tack sets like "Econotherm 6", with a tack suitable for printing on newsprint.


Within each tack range, different Econotherm "sub-series" are available, each designed to solve a certain problem or maximize a certain feature. Econotherm heatset Blacks offer superior transfer, drying, gloss, trap, and blue tone. Econotherm heatset Colors have the requisite color strength, good gloss, rub and scratch resistance, drying, transfer and press stability that all heatset inks aspire to. Unlike the Nova family of premium heatset inks, Econotherm is only available in process colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black).


The Econotherm family of heatset inks is formulated widely enough to run on the most glossy coated stocks all the way down to better grades of newsprint with good results. Econotherm Process Colors will run optimally with Econotherm Black in first or fourth-down position, but they will also work with any other conventionally formulated heatset black ink or color. The Econotherm Process Color tack sequence puts blue slightly above red, and red slightly above yellow.


Most Econotherm inks are considered "Special Order" inks or "Custom" inks, which both carry a reduced discount for orders of less than four drums per color (see "How we price our products" ).


The proper choice of which Econotherm Black and Color to use for a specific application is the single most important factor in determining whether or not Econotherm will work well on-press, so please always make an effort to contact us or read as much literature as you can before ordering an Econotherm heatset web ink or any other finished ink from Kerley.


Below is a table featuring what tacks are available in the Econtherm Heatset line:

Check out the choices of specialized Econotherm heatset series that we offer:


Econotherm "NS" Series Heatset Colors

Econotherm "NS" series are the most glossy, strongest, and most scuff-resistant of any high-volume heatset web set available today. The Econotherm NS series of heatset inks have resisted the trend towards lower strength, lower gloss and lower scuff resistance. Use Econotherm NS for the highest-quality print work such as automotive brochures, high-end catalogs, and prospectuses. In short, Econotherm NS remains "the best of the best”. Econotherm “NS” series inks have the highs pigmentation level in the Econotherm heatset product line. Less pigmented versions are available. Please read about them below:


Econotherm “LS”  & “LSX” Series Heatset Colors

Econotherm LSX is priced to be extremely competitive with the major ink producers' lowest-priced heatset web sets. Econotherm LSX is available in low-tack formulas, and can be used for calendared groundwood stocks, SCA, SCB, offset, LWC and all coated stocks. Econotherm LSX has a viscous, yet free-flowing ink body. Econotherm LSX withstands high-speed ink trains and works with direct contact & non-contact dampening systems. Econotherm LSX is compatible with either acid or neutral fountain solutions, and runs with or without isopropyl alcohol. Econotherm LSX runs with minimal misting on high-speed web presses. Econotherm LSX is made in Chicago, USA by Kerley Ink from all American-made raw materials.


Econotherm “LS” series heatset 4-color inks have all of the great attributes of Econotherm “LSX” series inks, but are approximately 15% more pigmented than Econotherm “LSX” series heatset inks. Econotherm “LS” series heatset 4-color inks are a price and performance “mid-point” between Econotherm “NS” (highest performance) and Econotherm “LSX” (most economical).


Econotherm "ET" Series Heatset Black & Colors

Econotherm 2, 3, 4 & 5 "ET" black and colors are formulated for more than double average scuff resistance of a heatset ink, yet this series has all the strength and gloss of Econotherm "NS". Use Econotherm "ET" series heatset black and colors when you encounter unusual "buildup" or scuff-off in the folder or later in the bindery, or if the press oven has inadequate drying capacity. Ovens older than 30 years or shorter than 20 feet (6 meters) are often not adequate to dry heavy coverage jobs or when paper stocks have unusually high "holdout" or surface abrasion (i.e.: matte coated stock). Nova "ET" black and colors are available as "special order" products only.

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