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3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

Labelite™ P 1000

 4-Color Process

Labelite™ P 1000 series press-ready water-base flexo inks are optimized for tag and label stocks running on 800-1200 LPI (0.9-1.3 BCM) anilox roller-equipped flexographic presses. Use of Labelite™ P 1000 is recommended for all paper labels and high-dyne film-based label stocks and is not recommended for soft, low-dyne plastic films with a reading of less than 38 dynes. Labelite™ P 1000 series are strongly pigmented 4-color process press-ready inks.

Kerley Ink has designed Labelite™ inks to be considerably more stable in-fountain than the majority of water-based flexo inks in the market by integrating a very forgiving amine neutralizing system for longer runs between pH adjustments. In addition, all Labelite™ inks are free of mineral fillers like clay extenders, so color strength and print fidelity are optimized. All Labelite™ inks feature above-average holdout, scuff resistance, and adhesion on a wide range of paper and coated paper substrates.


For mixing bases see our Labelite™ PCS 1000 series.

Like many other Kerley Ink products, Labelite™ can be fine-tuned in strength and viscosity for your press on a special-need basis. 

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