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Flexeon™ FCS 800 series press-ready inks are our premium water-base flexo inks that are optimized for film, foil and non-absorbent stocks running on 700-1200 LPI (1-2.9 BCM) anilox roller-equipped flexographic presses. Use of Flexeon™ FCS 800 is recommended for non-absorbent substrates and oxidized/surface treated plastic films (i.e. treated polyethylene, BOPP, PETE, foil coated films). However, it is possible to use Flexeon™ FCS 800 on paper and board substrates with high LPI anilox presses as well. Flexeon™ FCS 800 series inks offer superb adhesion to non-absorbent substrates, are very strongly pigmented and are part of a complete blending system.

Kerley Ink has designed Flexeon™ inks to be considerably more stable in-fountain than the majority of water-based flexo inks in the market by integrating a very forgiving amine neutralizing system for longer runs between pH adjustments. In addition, all Flexeon™ inks are free of mineral fillers like clay extenders, so color strength and print fidelity are optimized. Scuff resistance is usually excellent and Flexeon™ will often pass tape pull tests where other brands will not.


For process 4-color see our Flexeon™ F 800 series.

Like many other Kerley Ink products, Flexeon™ can be fine-tuned in strength and viscosity for your press on a special-need basis….also Flexeon™ bases can be pre-blended to hundreds of new colors direct from Kerley Ink. 

Important Note

It is important to surface treat non-absorbent substrates and there are some other considerations. Keep in mind that the rate the web moves through the Surface Treatment Unit (STU) may have an inversely proportional affect on the expected surface tension (ie the faster the web moves through the STU, the less effective the STU is at increasing surface tension). Also, for a given surface tension value (say 42 dynes) different substrates (ie PE, PP, etc.) may experience different adhesion results. Let us know what substrate you are using and what dyne value your substrate is after going through the STU. Alternatively, you can send us a sample of your substrate (after going through the STU at the web speed you plan to use) and we can test print Flexeon at our facility.

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