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Coldset Soy Oil-based Forms Small Web-Offset

Soytex™ General Information

Soytex Black and Soytex Colors span a spectrum that includes both process and most popular base colors. And when you order at least 400 lbs. per color, we can offer you some of our many popular custom "centerline" shades in the Soytex system, too. Soytex Colors are clean and bright, delivering quality results in such critical areas as the printing of delicate process shades and flesh-tones. All the Soytex Colors contain 25% soybean oil, and have no more than 7% VOC content. And because Soytex Colors have a very high resin content, they deliver excellent rub resistance only minutes after impression. Soytex Colors are made with "Soytex Extender", which is a 100% solids, soy oil-based transparent extender vehicle with medium tack, neutral color, and a viscous semi-gelled body.


In the manufacture of Soytex Pantone & Process Colors, only two main ingredients are used: a flushed pigment and our Soytex Extender vehicle. So even if you don't wish to purchase Soytex Colors, you can use your own quickset or heatset flush along with Soytex Extender to make your own version of Soytex Colors. Additionally, we now are able to offer "Dry Offset" versions of Soytex colors on a special order basis. Just ask about our Soytex "DOS" series.


See the chart below for  tack ratings commonly used in the Soytex system:

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