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Web News 2 Colors & Web News 2 LSX Colors

 Coldset News large Web-Offset

Kerley "Web News" Process colors are low-VOC, are petroleum-based, and have low mist, low-drip properties for open fountain news presses. These colors also have excellent color strength and will give consistent, controlled color reproduction. Generally, these colors will be priced more advantageously than similar soy oil-based or other agro-based colors.

Contrary to expectations, our petroleum-based news colors have very low VOC content (typically below 6%) and offer superb de-inking properties for easy recycling of newspaper stock. Additionally, Web News Colors offer an alternative to soy oil-based inks during times when the market price of soy oil increases to high levels relative to the cost of petroleum oils.

Web News colors are listed below.


Web News™ 2 LSX economy-priced process colors

Looking for the lowest-cost line of news inks that Kerley has yet to offer? Take a look at our "Web News 2 LSX" series. Reduced strength at a reduced price. Web News 2 LSX features no loss in printability, has low misting, and low rub-off. Web News 2 and Web News 2 LSX inks can be used on presses with an open fountain inking system or Injector Fed (Except "Keyless") Ink Systems. All of the Web News product on this page have a tack of 6 points at 1200 RPM.

Special mixing bases are not available within the Web News product family. Alternatively, please see our Soytab 2 PMX Plus series of products if you wish to make specially blended color shades. We recommend using our lowest-cost mineral oil-based news black, "Web News 3 EC Black" in combination with any set of Web News Process Colors.

Web News LSX economy-priced colors are listed below

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Table: Current Web News family of coldset Petroleum-based web inks, versions and specifications
Process Color (3-Color, CMY) Options
Packaging Options
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