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Web News HSX Black: (High-Res) News Black

 Coldset News large Web-Offset Black

Demographics don’t lie. The average age of the American newspaper reader is going up steadily. Why not make them happier, more satisfied readers? That’s where High Resolution Black from Kerley Ink, the world’s renowned expert on black ink can help you please them right now.

It’s a publisher’s dilemma. Tabloid and Berliner formats are the current trend. But they bring less printable area per page. Do you decrease the type size of editorial at the risk of making it less readable? Or do you keep type size at the risk of cutting into valuable ad space and concurrently reducing editorial content per page? Ummmm...

Now there is a third choice. You can buy a better ink. Kerley Ink is offering a new product called "Web News HSX Black". No one else offers it. It’s a fully-compatible web offset no-heat black that’s available in both open fountain and injector-feed versions for big presses and smaller ones, too. Web News HSX Black lithographs as well as conventional newsink, being as easy to bring to color on the plate at startup. Web News 3 HSX Black has soft pigments to keep platewear to a minimum on long print runs. Oh... and Hi Rez black does not mist any more than conventional news blacks, is very low in VOC’s and has excellent rub resistance despite its increased strength. Do you have difficulty keeping your black above a density of 1.00? You won’t with Web News HSX Black from
Kerley Ink.


No more "pushing" the ink to keep up print density! Look at the dramatic difference between regular news black on the left against Hi Rez Black on the right! (image directly to the left)

In the picture on the bottom left, we've captured the effect of enhanced print contract with no physical gain in type or dot size. The net effect of printing with Web News 3 HSX Black? Sharper, crisper type and ads that look less "muddy".

Do you think you’ll pay a lot more for a black ink that prints dramatically better, especially in halftones? No, probably not. We’re pricing Web News 3 HSX Black to sell well. Below is a table that shows product specifications for Web News HSX-series high print resolution black inks.

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Table: Current Web News family of coldset petroleum-based web inks, versions and specifications
Color Option
Packaging Options
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