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The delivery end of a high-speed heatset web offset printing press. This is the area of a web offset press where the performance of an overprint varnish (OPV) is most critical. Count on Kerley Ink for superior protection here!

Impression Process

Sheetfed Offset

Dry/Set Tech

Conventional UV Lamp

Formula Base



3-piece can, Tin plated steel, sized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, select plastic sheets, and polymer-resin surfaces

ThermaGard™ ECON GLOSS Heatset OPV

ThermaGard ECON GLOSS heatset overprint varnish is a value-priced version of ThermaGard HG GLOSS heatset overprint varnish. ThermaGard ECON series OPV's feature the same good gloss and rapid-drying characteristics as their higher-priced versions, but have approximately 60% of the rub & scuff resistance. ThermaGard ECON series OPV's also are 2-3 Gardner units darker in color. 

Use ThermaGard ECON GLOSS heatset overprint varnishes as a low-cost "sealer" for increasing gloss and scuff-resistance of any coated paper and printed ink films.

ThermaGard ECON GLOSS contains 21% bio/renewable materials.

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