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Price Increase Announcement

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

March 24, 2021

To all of our valued customers:

The events of the last few weeks have brought sudden and significant increases in the cost of the following raw materials and ink packaging:




Petroleum Oils and Solvents

Vegetable Oils

Oligomers & Monomers


Packaging: including Drums, Buckets and Cans

Additionally, the cost of transportation has also increased significantly, while availability of trucks has been uncharacteristically poor. Difficulties have been encountered in obtaining raw materials, especially from China and India.

Kerley Ink remains committed to providing our clientele with the best value for their money. But the tide of higher costs has been overwhelming, and it is now necessary to increase prices by 8-10 percent, effective April 7th.

As a result of the increasing cost of labor, items that are ordered in small quantities will see the following change to the volume discount plan:

Less than 40 lbs per item: + $1.00/b

40-100 lbs per item: +$0.50/lb

100-200 lbs per item: +$0.25/lb

Since the cost of packaging has also risen, we will be increasing charges for packaging in these containers:

+ 5 cents/lb extra for packaging in 3.5 & 5 gallon buckets,

+ 10 cents/lb extra for 1 gallon buckets

+15 cents/lb extra for 2.2 kilogram (4.5 lb) cans

Orders that we have received already will not be affected by this price increase.

Rest assured that Kerley Ink will continue to continue to work ceaselessly to develop products that deliver more value for your money, as we have now for almost 90 years.

Our deepest wishes for a better 2021,

John R. “Jack” Whalen


Kerley Ink


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