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Attention color & packaging ink formulators!

2019 Color Chart Advert

The list of pigments we disperse is growing and growing... here are a few of the lightfast, coatable & permanent colors that you can get from Kerley Ink with the three vehicle systems shown below:

• 100% solids litho for paper & film

• energy-cure for paper and board

• energy-cure for metal and polymer film

• Yellow 194 (Permanent, Coatable Process Yellow)

• Orange 36 (Permanent, Coatable Orange 021)

• Naphthol Red 184 (Coatable Process Magenta)

• Naphthol Red 2B (Coatable, more lightfast Warm Red)

• Quinacridone Magenta 122 (Permanent, Coatable Process Magenta)

• Reflex Blue (Permanent & Coatable)

• Phthalocyanine Blue 15:3 (Permanent, Coatable Process Cyan)

• Phthalocyanine Green 7 (Permanent, Coatable Green)

• Carbazole Violet 23 (Permanent, Coatable Violet)

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