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Z-Kyd™ LSO Alkyd Vehicle

Z-kyd alkyd vehicle is a pale straw-colored fluid of relatively low viscosity. Thus, it is an excellent choice to use to make inks and varnishes with delicate color.

Z-KYD LSO is a reduced-viscosity viscosity version of our popular Z-KYD 100% solids  alkyd vehicle. Use 2 to 10% Z-KYD LSO to help quickly increase the flow,  reduce tack or viscosity of overly heavy or overgelled inks. Use 5 to 25% Z-KYD LSO to wet out "dry" inks or dispersions in order to rescue their transfer, gloss, and density. Due caution must be used when using more than 10% of any alkyd in an ink because there is the possibility of to much water pickup in litho ink formulations. We recommend trying 1% of LithoTrol ink/water balance control additive to remedy the problem.

Z-KYD LSO contains 80% pure drying oil fatty acids, so it can be used to help improve film hardness and integrity when metallic driers such as cobalt and manganese compounds are used.

Z-KYD LSO can also be used when dispersing or flushing pigments to reduce viscosity or help flushes "break".  Z-KYD LSO also gives flow to high pigment content dispersions.

Some of Z Kyd LSO's uses are to:

• Improve transfer of inks

• Improve wetting and flow of overly gelled inks.

• 'Wet out' hard-to-disperse pigments.

• Increase solids content of inks.

• Increase film toughness and flexibility of inks and coatings.

• Increase vegetable oil content of inks.

• Z-kyd is also drier-reactive, making it an excellent film former.

Additional Properties

Viscosity: Gardner #00

Color:  6.5 (Gardener Scale)   

Acid No: 10.4

Iodine Value: 140    (WIJS Method)

Packaging Options:
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