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Z-Kyd™ Alkyd Vehicle

Z-kyd alkyd vehicle is a pale straw-colored fluid of relatively low viscosity. Thus, it is an excellent choice to use to make inks and varnishes with delicate color.

Z Kyd is a #1 Body, 100% solids, linseed isophtalic long oil alkyd vehicle. This oil-modified polyester is an excellent building block vehicle with many applications. 

Use 2 to 10% Z-KYD to help reduce tack or viscosity of overly heavy or overgelled inks. Use 5 to 25% Z-KYD LSO to wet out "dry" inks or dispersions in order to restore their transfer, gloss, and print density.

Z-KYD LSO contains 72% pure drying oil fatty acids, so it can be used to help improve film hardness and integrity when metallic driers such as cobalt and manganese compounds are used.

Due caution must be used when using more than 10% of any alkyd in an ink because there is the possibility of invreased water pickup in litho ink formulations. We recommend trying 1% of LithoTrol ink/water balance control additive to remedy the problem while still retaining Z-Kyd's amazing pigment wetting properties.

Some of Z Kyd's uses are to:

• Improve transfer of inks

• Improve wetting and flow of overly gelled inks.

• 'Wet out' hard-to-disperse pigments.

• Increase solids content of inks.

• Increase film toughness and flexibility of inks and coatings.

• Increase vegetable oil content of inks.

• Z-kyd is also drier-reactive, making it an excellent film former.

Additional Properties:

Viscosity: Gardner #1  

Viscosity (Cone & Plate): 12 Poises @ 40 C

Color:  6.5 (Gardener Scale)   

Acid No: 10.4

Iodine Value: 140    (WIJS Method)

Packaging Options:
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