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Web News LO VIS Web News Extender
Soybeans Soya Beans

Kerley Ink: making a wide range of ink varnish & coating products for more than 85 years.

Web News Extender LO VIS is a low-viscosity, freeflowing, mid-tack extender vehicle intended for use as a primary vehicle for manufacture of no heat web offset news inks (coldset inks). It is recommended to use this extender in combination with Web News Extender FFG or Web News Extender MEGAGEL to achieve inks formulas with balanced viscosity and flow. This extender vehicle features low VOC content and good cost advantage over comparable soy oil-based extenders.

Use Web News Extender LO VIS for inks to be used in injector-fed and KEYLESS presses.


Tack: 8 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 80 Poises/160 Dynes/sqCM Yield @ 40 C

Resin Type: Neutral Hydrocarbon 140 °C MP

Solvent Percentage: 4% 

Solvent Boiling Range: 500-550 °F

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