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VersaBase™ 6038 Phthalo Green

A very large range of pigment dispersions is made by Kerley Ink Above, rubine red pigment  is being milled. We have what you are looking for in colorants for many different inks...

VersaBase 6038 Phthalo Green is a multi-purpose, low/mid-viscosity dispersion of 38% Phthalocyanine Green (Phthalo Green) pigment in a universal vehicle for paste inks. VersaBase 6038 Phthalo Green can be used alone for making many types of mixing Green inks. It also hase a moderate VOC content, yet it is suitable for making heatset web offset inks as well as quickset sheetfed litho & coldset web offset inks.


Typically used to make mixing Green inks, 25% to 40% of VersaBase™ 6038 Phthalo Green by total formula weight is considered a normal loading for most paste ink formulas.

Chemical Resistance:     5% HCl: Excellent    5% NaOH: Excellent

Bleed Resistance:

Water:  Excellent   Ethanol:  Excellent   Hot Paraffin:  Excellent   Soap:  Excellent   Lacquer Solvents: Excellent   Linseed Oil: Excellent   Diethylene Glycol:  Excellent Mineral Spirits: Excellent

Lightfastness:  Full Strength:  Excellent  Tint: Excellent


Pigment type: Phthalocyanine Green 7

Color Index No: 74260

Pigment Content: 38%

Solvent Content: 16%

Solvent Boiling Range: 520 to 750 F

Bio/renewables content: 14%

Vehicle type: Quickset/Heatset Multipurpose

Appearance: Thick, tacky dark green paste

Packaging Options:
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