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TetraMax EC PTFE/Poly economical wax compound blend

TetraMax EC is a soft, stir-in quickset/heatset web wax compound with 50% wax content. TetraMax EC features a 2/1 blend of PTFE and high-melt point, high-density polyethylene. TetraMax EC has a slightly darker color than TetraMax QS 50, but is much lower in price.

The recommended dosage of TetraMax EC is 2-4% by total formula weight. However, for paper stocks that present unusual scuff properties such as matte coated papers, or folding cartons that will receive no protective overcoating, we recommend 6-10% of TetraMax EC by total formula weight.


TetraMax QS 50's fast-setting alkyd vehicle also helps boost film integrity, especially when metallic driers are used in the ink formulation. TetraMax QS 50 is laser-safe. Do not use tetraMax QS 50 or any PTFE-containing compound if you anticipate any lamination of the ink film, especially off-press. 

Consult Kerley about usage of TetreMAx EC if you think a UV or EB-cured overcoating will be applied.


Active Wax resin type:  Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) & High density Polyethylene

Wax Content: 50%

Solids Content: 80%

Vehicle type:Heatset/Quickset

Bio/Renewables Content: 0%

Appearance: Soft, short-flow off-white paste

Packaging Options:
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