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Tamalene™ Naphthenic Base Ink Oils

Tamalene 100 and Tamalene 750 are severely hydrotreated napthenic mineral oils. Tamalene 750 is in the higher viscosity range. Tamalene 750 is ideal for low-cost newsinks as a viscosity builder or vehicle component. Tamalene 750 has zero VOC content. 


Tamalene 100 is much lower in viscosity, and can be used to reduce tack and viscosity of newsinks and 'hybrid' heatset uncoated inks. Both Tamalene 100 & Tamalene 750 have very limited compatibility with rosin-based resins, but very good compatibility with neutral hydrocarbon resins.


Tamalene 100 is excellent as a low-cost, low-VOC alternative to soy oil when the cost of soy oil spikes high. Tamalene 100 & Tamalene 750 have a pale, straw color and feature zero or low VOC content. The odor of Tamalene 100 & 750 is also quite low.


Below are the specifications for Tamalene:

Packaging Options:

(Volatile liquids are only available in metal containers)

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