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Soytab™ Extender
Soybeans Soya Beans

Soybeans: prior to crushing and oil extraction

Soytab Extender is used in the manufacture of soy oil-based web offset news inks. Soytab Extender, as the name implies, is soy oil-based, containing approximately 25% soy oil. Soytab extender has 100 percent solids and is virtually VOC-free. It is used as an excellent letdown vehicle for making all kinds of no heat web news inks when combined with just about any type of flush. 

Soytab Extender has a short, thick gel consistency. To obtain a more free-flowing soy news extender, please see Soytab Extender FFG in this catalog.

Soytab Extender has a very gelled body, especially when held in comparison to its low tack. This high viscosity-to-tack ratio is especially useful for making newsinks for presses that are used in high-temperature climates, or where press conditions tend to cause the breakdown of less robust ink formulas.

Please consult the Formulations Guide for more extensive information and formulas using Soytab Extender. For best performance, please avoid using any form of castor oil in process reds.


Tack: 4 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Cone & Plate): 56 Poises/9,000 Dynes/sqCM Yield @ 40 C

Resin Type: Rosin-Modified Phenolic 155C MP

Solvent Percentage: 0% 

Solvent Boiling Range: N/A

Soy Oil Content: approx 29%

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