SoyaSpersion™ 9237 PERM Orange 36
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SoyaSpersion 9237 PERM Orange 36 is a multi-purpose dispersion of 37.5% Pigment Orange 36 (Permanent Azo Orange) pigment in a near-zero VOC universal vehicle for paste inks. SoyaSpersion 9237 PERM Orange 36 can be used alone for making many types of robust Orange and Warm Red inks such as Quickset/Sheetfed Lithographic, low-VOC Heatset Web Offset, Business Forms, and Newsinks. Additionally, the high solids content of SoyaSpersion pigment preparations permit their use for high adhesion lithographic inks intended for printing on plastic film and metal. Metallic driers such as cobalt, manganese, zirconium and cerium are particularly effective when used with SoyaSpersion products.


Typically used to make fade-proof and more chemically-resistant Orange inks than is possible with Orange 13 pigment, 40% to 55% of SoyaSpersion 9237 PERM Orange 36 by total formula weight is considered a normal loading for most paste ink formulas. As with most permanent pigments, Orange 36 is semi-opaque. It is excellent for making economical "coatable" Orange inks.


Chemical Resistance: 5% HCl: Excellent, 5% NaOH: Excellent


Bleed Resistance: Water: Excellent Ethanol:  Good, Hot Paraffin: Very Good, Soap: Very Good, Lacquer Solvents: Very Good, Linseed Oil: Excellent, Diethylene Glycol: Very Good, Mineral Spirits: Excellent


Lightfastness: Full Strength: Excellent, Tint: Very Good-Excellent


Pigment type: Orange 36

Color Index No: 11780

Pigment Content: 37,5%

Solvent Content: 0.25%

Solvent Boiling Range: N/A

Bio/renewables content: 37,5%

Vehicle type: Quickset/Forms/Coldset/Heatset Multipurpose

Appearance: Thick, tacky orange paste

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