SoyaSpersion™ 1237 GS PERM Reflex Blue
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SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM Reflex Blue is a high tint strength, red shade, multi-purpose dispersion of 37% Carbazole Violet 23 & Blue 15:3 (Phthalocyanine Blue) pigment in a near-zero VOC multipurpose vehicle for conventional paste inks. SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM Reflex Blue  can be used alone for making many types of fade-proof, chemically-resistant Green Shade Reflex Blue inks. Typical Reflex Blue formulas call for 30 to 50% loading of SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM  Reflex Blue. SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM Reflex Blue is acceptable for making Reflex Blue inks for color blends, but SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM Relex Bue has a more green tone which is preferable for making reflex blue blending base.


Additionally, SoyaSpersion 1237 PERM Reflex Blue can be used to "tone" many black inks, using approximately 3 to 10% for most paste inks. ​ Helpful note: To minimize bronze reflex, use high gloss letdown vehicle with maximum hard resin content. For maximum bronze reflex, use low resin, high filler content letdown vehicle.


Chemical Resistance:

5% HCl: Excellent

5% NaOH: Excellent


Bleed Resistance:

Water: Excellent

Ethanol: Excellent

Hot Paraffin: Excellent 

Soap: Excellent

Lacquer Solvents: Excellent

Linseed Oil: Excellent

Diethylene Glycol: Very Good

Mineral Spirits: Excellent



Full Strength: Excellent

Tint: Very Good-Excellent


Pigment type: Triarylmethane Violet/Blue 15:3 blend

Color Index No: 42535:3/74160

Pigment Content: 37%

Solvent Content: 0.3%

Solvent Boiling Range: N/A

Bio/renewables content: 49.6%

Vehicle type: Quickset/Coldset Multipurpose

Appearance: Thick, tacky blue paste

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