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Sonexa™ VOC-free Soy oil-based web news process Colors

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Kerley’s latest offering in the newsink is our most innovative yet. What’s so innovative about Sonexa newsink? For one, it’s stronger than most newsinks. This gives brighter, deeper color that the advertisers are demanding. Are you a commercial printer? Do you need to be able to print stochastic screens? Is print quality versus commercial heatset a critical issue for your advertisers? Then think Sonexa colors. Sonexa’s good for the environment, too. Sonexa is made with vegetable oils almost exclusively. Sonexa is extremely low in heavy metal content. It’s safe to use and it recycles well, being made from bio-resources to begin with. has excellent performance on-press, yielding good copy in as few as 50 impressions after startup. Sonexa costs less to use than any other newsink products, too. It’s strong, and a pound of Sonexa runs long...

Sonexa is available for both open fountain and injector presses. Sonexa process colors work in harmony with any of the Kerley news blacks noted in our catalog. Additionally, we can custom-formulate Sonexa process colors to work on presses with special requirements.

Sonexa Soya-based web news inks are available in the following colors:

Process Blue    

Rubine Red/Process Red    

Process Yellow

Below is a table showing a grid of our most popular soy newsinks, including Sonexa Colors:

Packaging Options:

*Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color.

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