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Solvex™ Petroleum Ink Solvents

Solvex products are quickset and heatset solvents in severely hydrotreated, near zero-aromatic saturated paraffins. Solvex products are available as a convenience item in limited quantity, because we are not petroleum distributors.


•Solvex 60 is a 60-type ink solvent: best suited for quickset and super-stable no heat web offset formulations.

•Solvex 535 is a 520-type solvent with higher aromatic content, and is best suited for use in heatset inks.


•Solvex 525 is a 52-type solvent, and is best suited for fast-set quickset and tack-stable heatset inks.


Solvex products are great for reducing the tack of quickset and heatset inks. Below are the specifications for Solvex products: (Sorry, no 3.5 gal plastic buckets for any liquid petroleum products!)

Packaging Options:

(Volatile liquids are only available in metal containers)

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