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SBO (Soya Bean Oil)

The Soybean plant grows pods that hold the seeds which are crushed and oil is consequently expressed. Soy protein is also a by-product.

SBO, short for Soy Bean Oil, is a popular and widely-used ingredient that you can use for the dilution and reduction of many no heat web inks, and to a limited extent in quickset inks, too. SBO is alkali refined for extra clarity and purity. SBO is primarily used as a tack reducing agent and to impart flow in overly stiff-bodied coldset news, web offset forms, and even low-VOC heatset inks.

SBO has 100% bio/renewables content.


As SBO is classified as a "semi-drying oil", it has a reduced ability to oxidize and dry hard with the use of metallic driers, so it is a natural ingredient for "stay open" inks that need to have a very long shelf life and retarded drying speed when on-press.

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