RadionBase™ MDEC PERM Reflex Blue
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RadionBase MDEC PERM Reflex Blue is a radiation-curable dispersion of 35% phthalocyanine blue & Carbazole Violet (Pigment Blue 15:3 + Violet 23) in a 100% acrylic vehicle for energy cured (UV or EB) paste inks. The vehicle system is for Sheetfed Lithographic metal decorating or for printing on non-porous plastic substrates where flexibility and adhesion are very important as characteristics. Recommended dosage of RadionBase MDEC PERM Reflex Blue is 40%-55% by weight in a finished ink.


This colorant is especially recommended when extreme lightfastness or chemical resistance are mandatory. RadionBase MDEC series color bases can be used for mercury UV, HUV, and LED UV formulas. ​


Chemical Resistance:     5% HCl: Excellent    5% NaOH: Excellent ​


Bleed Resistance: Water:  Excellent   Ethanol:  Excellent   Hot Paraffin:  Excellent Soap:  Excellent   Lacquer Solvents: Excellent   Linseed Oil: Excellent   Diethylene Glycol:  Excellent   Mineral Spirits: Excellent ​


Lightfastness:  Full Strength:  Excellent  Tint: Excellent


Pigment type: Phthalocyanine Blue 15::3, Carbazole Violet 23

Color Index No: 74160, 51319

Pigment Content: 35%

Solvent Content: 0%

Solvent Boiling Range: N/A

Bio/renewables content: 5%

Vehicle type: UV- or EB-cure acrylic esters & epoxies

Appearance: Thick, tacky blue paste

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