Radion™ Vehicle HT Film & Metal Deco  Letdown Vehicle

A very large range of energy-curable inks and vehicles is made by Kerley Ink. We have what you are looking for...

Radion Vehicle HT is a higher-tack, free flowing 100% acrylate-based letdown vehicle for UV- and EB-cured offset inks than regular Radion MDEC Vehicle. Radion Vehicle HT s truly a "universal" UV-cured Vehicle: use it for grinding pigments, as a letdown vehicle for offset inks, and especially as a vehicle where high adhesion and flexibility is required.

Radion Vehicle HT cures to a somewhat soft, flexible film when cured, so it is highly recommended to use Radion Vehicle HT in combination with an Epoxy-based co-Vehicle if higher film integrity, better solvent resistance and more scuff resistance is required. Radion Vehicle HT is excellent for use in metal decorating inks and inks for printing on plastic films.


Tack: 22 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 1500 Poises/2,300 Dynes/sqCM Yield @ 40 C

Resin Type: Low Acid No. pure Acrylic

Solvent Percentage: 0%

UV Lamp type: Low pressure mercury vapor

Packaging Options:
3.5 Gallon Bucket
3.5 Gallon Plastic Bucket (net 30 lbs)
15 Gallon Metal Drum
15 Gallon Steel Drum / Kit (110-135 lbs net)
55 gallon straight side drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (net 400-450 lbs)
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