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QSG™ HI GEL Quickset Litho Vehicle
Soybeans Soya Beans

Resin... a very large part of all ink vehicles is typically supplied as a hard, crystalline flake like the sample above. Kerley Ink takes resin and other ingredients and cooks them together to make millions of pounds of ink vehicles and varnishes every year.

QSG HI GEL is a highly-gelled ink quickset ink vehicle intended for use as a letdown vehicle to make Speedex-style stay-fresh, offset lithographic printing inks. Speedex inks have excellent gloss, yet have incredibly fast inital setting characteristics while also having a very long "stay open" time on-press. We recommend using quickset flushes with proven, high-performance setting characteristics to make inks with incredibly fast inital setting times, yet long stay-open times on press.

QSG HI GEL has low-moderate VOC content and has a 86% bio/renewables percentage.

QSG HI GEL is drier-reactive, responding well to cobalt- and manganese-based driers. QSG HI GEL uses highly effective ultra-high molecular weight resin technology to deliver the fastest setting available while keeping VOC content at 5%.


Tack: 14 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 600 Poises, yield value: 8,000 Dynes/CmSq 

Resin Type: Rosin-Modified Phenolic 155C Melt Pt

Solvent Percentage: 5% 

Solvent Boiling Range: 560-750 F

Soy/Vegetable Oil Content: approx 40%

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