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PolyMax CQS 50 Polyethylene litho wax compound

PolyMax CQS 50 polyethylene compound is a 100% solids high-performance, versatile additive for a variety of paste inks. PolyMax CQS 50 contains 50% Medium-High Density Polyethylene in a vegetable oil-based carrier vehicle.

Stir in between 3% and 6% PolyMax CQS 50 for best rub and scuff resistance. For even better results, PolyMax CQS 50 can be combined with 1% to 3% TetraMax QS 50 compound, thereby adding the film-strengthening properties of pure PTFE for ultimate scuff and scratch resistance. For more "fail-safe" ink films that require coating at some time after impression, use extra PolyMax CQS 50 in lieu of any wax compound containing PTFE resin, which can make a film unreceptive to overcoating and lamination.

For additional protection, PolyMax CQS 50 contains Tung Oil, nature's fastest and best film-forming vegetable oil. Use it with metallic driers for fast setting and extra tough ink films on paper and non-absorbent surfaces.

Consult Kerley if you think a UV or EB-cured overcoating will be applied.


Active Wax resin type: Medium-High density Polyethylene (PE)

Wax Content: 50%

Solids Content: 100%

Vehicle type: Tung Oil (chinawood oil)  plus Long-oil Linseed Alkyd

Appearance: Soft, short-flow white paste

Avg Particle Size         4-6 microns

Packaging Options:
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