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Polasol™ Organic Ink Solvents

Use PolaSol organic ink solvents to impart flow and boost stability of your products on storage.

Polasol products are oxygen-containing solvents that serve a different purpose than petroleum-derived solvents. Polasol products are available as a convenience item in limited quantity, because we are not solvent distributors.


•Polasol PG is Propylene Glycol solvent: best suited for water-based inks and coating formulations. It is a very stable coalescing agent with low volatility and low toxicity.

•Polasol TXIB is a 538 degree F-boiling point solvent with ester content, and is best suited for use in quickset and very stable heatset inks. It is an effective solubilizing agent with Rosin-modified Phenolic and many rosin ester resins.


•Polasol GEDB is a Glycol Ether DB solvent, and is best suited for heatset inks, but can be used in other litho inks and coatings also. Additionally, it can be used to a limited extent in water-reducible inks.  Polasol GEDB is considered a HAP.


Polasol products are great for reducing the viscosity of wide range of liquid and paste inks. Below are the specifications for Polasol products: (Sorry, no plastic buckets for any combustible liquid solvent products!)

Packaging Options:

(Volatile liquids are only available in metal containers)

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