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MSOY (Methyl Soyate Ester Solvent)

Methyl Soyate is a golden-clear fluid with a mild, butter-like odor.

A truly unique, bio-based solvent, MSOY is a methyl ester of soybean oil. It is used in place of Solvex™ solvents when a strong, low viscosity liquid solvent is needed, but without the high VOC content that comes with them. MSOY is quite effective at solubilizing a wide variety of hard resins used in lithographic and web offset ink formulas.


Caution must be used when formulating inks containing MSOY, due to the fact that MSOY has a Kauri-Butanol value of 50, which makes it 2-3 times as powerful a solvent as current hydrotreated petroleum-based solvents, such as Solvex™. This high Kauri-Butanol value can potentially swell synthetic and natural rubber when used in excess of 5% in formulas. MSOY has less than 10% VOC content as measured by EPA Method 24. MSOY has greater than 90% bio/renewables content.

Use MSOY in place of more expensive and less environmentally-friendly organic solvents such as Glycol Ethers, Tridecanol (TDA), and TXIB.


Flash Point : >= 266 °F

Boiling Point: >536 °F

Specific gravity: 0.8815

Kauri-Butanol Value: 50+

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