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Maxi Set™ Small offset letdown vehicle
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A very large range of ink vehicles is made by Kerley Ink. We have what you are looking for...

Maxi Set Vehicle is a product specially designed as an economical alternative to traditional small offset rubber-based vehicles. While Maxi Set Vehicle is for use on sheetfed lithographic presses, it is important to understand that Maxi Set is a rubber-base substitute, and not a traditional oil-based vehicle. Thus, Maxi Set Vehicle is not quite as drier-reactive as our other quickset vehicles, and when drier is added, the resultant dried ink film is very brittle, but still adheres better to paper than conventional rubberized resins. Maxi Set vehicle is very press-stable, enabling inks to be left on the press overnight. Also, Maxi Set vehicle can be used to make inks that produce stable emulsions, which is very important on some small offset presses with integrated dampening systems.

Maxi Set Inks and inks made with Maxi Set Vehicle dry by penetration of the liquid portion of the vehicle into the paper substrate and by adhesion of the resin-pigment layer left on top of the paper surface.  Usually, all that is necessary to make a small offset ink with Maxi Set vehicle is flush (quickset or heatset), about 2% PTFE (dry basis), and 52-type solvent to set the tack. Maxi Set vehicle can also be used to make non-laser-compatible business forms inks if the tack is reduced to the web offset range with oil or solvent. Maxi Set vehicle can be used to produce high tack small offset inks with measured VOC's of about 17% using Method 24.

Please refer to our product FAQ for more information about Maxi Set products. 


Tack: 22 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 525 Poises, yield value: 9,100 Dynes/CmSq 

Resin Type: Special Hydrocarbon 140C MP

Solvent Percentage: 18.5% 

VOC percent (method 24) 17.7%

Solvent Boiling Range: 375-675 F

Drying Oil Content: 0%

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