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Litho Dri COMBO Paste Drier Compound

Litho Dri COMBO PASTE is a super high-solids combination of Cobalt and Manganese driers suspended in a neutral polyeithylene-based wax vehicle. Litho Dri COMBO PASTE contains no drying oils, so it is capable of being stored for extended periods of time without self-skinning. Litho Dri COMBO PASTE contains no PTFE wax.

Use 1.5-5.5% Litho Dri COMBO PASTE in conventional oil-based sheetfed finished inks and overprint varnishes to ensure hard curing of printed films. It is a "stir-in" product that can be used on-press as well as in manufacture of finished litho inks. Use Litho Dri COMBO paste compound to greatly increase the curing speed of laser-ready inks made by Kerley Ink.

For safety, any rags that come in contact with Litho Dri COMBO PASTE and drying oil vehicles should be stored in airtight containers to avoid the danger of spontaneous combustion (fire).


Active ingredient: Cobalt & Manganese Metal

Active Content: 3%

Solids Content: 100%

Vehicle type: Polyethylene/Napthenic oil compound

Appearance: Soft, short-flow light purple paste

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