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GLO (Gelled Linseed Oil)

GLO: Gelled Linseed Oil is compounded by Kerley Ink from ARLO. Used as a press-side reducing agent because of its easy-to-scoop jelly-like texture.

Gelled Linseed Oil, which we call "GLO" for short, is a convenient way to reduce the tack of a heavy ink. What makes GLO different is that it can be easily handled by just about anyone, including press operators.


With its short, gel body, GLO makes a wonderful "gel reducer" useful for reducing the tack and body of just about any sheetfed or web offset ink. Being an all-solids, naturally-based product, GLO is safe for the environment, too! GLO is more than 90% bio-based & renewable. Since GLO is made from Alkali Refined Linseed Oil (ARLO), and as ARLO is prone to oxidation, care must be taken when handling GLO, because items such as rags soaked with GLO can auto-oxidize and catch on fire!

GLO has 90% bio/renewables content.


Because of its very thick, short viscosity, GLO is not available in disposable tote bins or bulk containers.

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