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Gel Solvent VS tack reducer

Use Gel Solvent VS to reduce the tack and viscosity of sheetfed quickset and web coldset paste inks.  Gel Solvent VS is usually added to paste inks that exhibit excessive blanket or plate piling caused by high ink tack and too much ink viscosity. Gel Solvent VS is ideal as a press-side product because of its easy-to-handle gel consistency. Just scoop out Gel Solvent VS and add it directly to the ink fountain or to your ink tub. Gel Solvent VS contains only the highest quality severely hydrotreated high boiling narrow-cut oil. Gel Solvent VS is more stable and slower-drying than its faster counterpart, Gel Solvent 52.

About 4% of Gel Solvent VS by weight will reduce ink tack from 15 points to about 12 points (1200 RPM). Gel Solvent VS will work well in non-laser Coldset forms inks, quickset sheetfed inks, and even newsinks. Gel Solvent VS is not recommended for use in Laser-compatible inks due to the fact that it will cause smoking in laser fusers.

Gel Solvent VS is Rule 66 Compliant (<8% Aromatics) and has a flash point above 200 °F, so it is considered non-flammable.

Boiling range: 580 deg F to 675 Deg F  (304 Deg C to 357 deg C)
Appearance; Water-White gel
Aromatic Content: <1%
Volatiles: 90%
Kauri-Butanol Value: 20
Flash Point (Closed Cup): 305 Deg F

Special procedures & notifications:
Upon long periods of storage, Gel Solvent VS may "sweat" some of the liquid solvent component of this compound. This liquid can easily be re-incorporated into the Gel Solvent VS compound by rapidly stirring it into the rest of the container contents.

Packaging Options:
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