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Gel Plex™ OMPE curable viscosity modifier

Gel Plex OMPE is a 100% solids, Oil Modified Polyester-based compound developed for use as a thickening agent for polymerization-cured inks like bake-on metal deco inks and sheetfed litho inks activated with metal driers. Gel Plex OMPE uses surface-treated montmorillonite clay as its active ingredient. The recommended dosage of Gel Plex OMPE for best results is between 2% and 6%, depending on the amount of gellation needed. More than 6% Gel Plex OMPE may reduce gloss levels noticeably in high gloss inks.

Gel Plex OMPE eliminates the need to store messy powdered thickening agents and will do the same job. Best results are obtained with metal deco, high-solids sheetfed inks, and inks that cross-link.

Although Gel Plex OMPE is a "stir-in" compound, the maximum value of Gel Plex OMPE  is obtained with high shear. The more mixing energy that is used to incorporate Gel Plex, the more thickening is obtained in a shorter period of time. Gel Plex OMPE increases viscosity 20-25%. Adding 0.2 -0.5% tap water boosts Gel Plex's gelling action. Gel Plex products produce a gentle gelling action that takes about 24 hours to maximize so batches containing Gel Plex won't "freeze" during mixing. 

Gel Plex is an excellent ink/water balance agent. Inks that show scumming and stripping can be helped with the addition of Gel Plex. Inks that are overemulsified by fountain solution can be helped by Gel Plex, too. Inks with excess misting will benefit from Gel Plex.


Active thickener type: surface-treated Montmorollinite Clay

Active Content: 45%

Solids Content: 100%

Vehicle type: Long Oil Modified Polyester

Appearance: Soft, short-flow light brown paste

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