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FormsMaster™ Web Forms coldset Black

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FormsMaster Black is Kerley Ink's "best value" black for high-strength, low rub-no heat web offset printing. FormsMaster is petroleum-based and offers VOC levels of below 8%. FormsMaster is not recommended for laser-compatible printing jobs. FormsMaster has the unique ability to penetrate deep into uncoated stocks for very good rub and setoff resistance at the moment of impression. Use FormsMaster Black for just about any type of high-resolution work with small webs and without the aid of heat.

FormsMaster black is available in tack ranging from 6 points up to 14 points at 1200 RPM.

See the chart below for availability:

Business forms web press

•FormsMaster "Mod" Series Blue-Toned Forms Web Blacks

A toned version called FormsMaster "Modified" or "Mod" black is offered for customers who want extremely blue halftones along with FormsMaster's famous flat, dense look on forms and bond stocks. The FormsMaster "Mod" blacks all have approximately 4% of Alkali Blue flush added to them. Halftone density is absolutely superb on business forms and bond stocks, and the tone is quite blue. FormsMaster "Mod" series blacks are available as "Special Order" items. Minimums may apply.

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