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Exocure™ WPI Plus Photoinitiator Package

Kerley Ink maintains a UV-cure product developemnt lab, having at its disposal many of the most common instruments used to develop and test UV-cure inks and coatings such as this UV-lamp with built-in conveyor belt.

Exocure™ WPI Plus is a multi-purpose enhanced photoinitiator for UV-cured white paste inks, coatings & clear vehicles. ExoCure WPI Plus is a complete photoinitiator package designed and manufactured by Kerley Ink for use in most white UV-cured inks, and in clear UV-cured coatings. ExoCure WPI Plus is a Norrish type I photoinitiator package enhanced with proprietary amine acrylate featuring photoreactivity in the broad spectrum of wavelengths emitted by low pressure mercury lamps.

ExoCure WPI Plus is recommended for use in colors and coatings where film yellowing is a significant consideration. ExoCure WPI Plus is supplied as a light color, free-flowing fluid. ExoCure WPI Plus does not contain Benzophenone.

Typically 6%-12% of ExoCure WPI Plus is used for lighter, more photo-transparent colors, and 10% to 16% of ExoCure WPI Plus used for more photo-opaque colors. Exocure WPI  Plus should be used at levels of 12%-15% for fast-cure coatings and OPV's.


Active ingredient: Norrish Type-I photoinitators & proprietary amine acrylate

Active Content: 100%

Solids Content: 100%

Appearance: Pale straw-colored liquid

Packaging Options:
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