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Exocure™ WPI Photoinitiator Package

Kerley Ink maintains a UV-cure product developemnt lab, having at its disposal many of the most common instruments used to develop and test UV-cure inks and coatings such as this UV-lamp with built-in conveyor belt.

Exocure™ WPI is a multi-purpose photoinitator for UV-cured white paste inks, coatings & clear vehicles. ExoCure WPI is a complete photoinitiator package designed and manufactured by Kerley Ink for use in most white UV-cured inks, and in clear UV-cured coatings. ExoCure WPI is a Norrish type I photoinitiator package featuring photoreactivity in the wavelengths emitted by low pressure mercury lamps.

ExoCure WPI is recommended for use in colors and coatings where film yellowing is a significant consideration. ExoCure WPI is supplied as a light color, free-flowing fluid. ExoCure WPI does not contain Benzophenone.

Typically 9%-11% of ExoCure C-Liquigel is used for lighter, more photo-transparent colors, and 10% to 16% of ExoCure WPI is used for more photo-opaque colors. Exocure WPI should be used at levels of 12%-15% for fast-cure coatings and OPV's.


Active ingredient: Norrish Type-I photoinitators

Active Content: 100%

Solids Content: 100%

Appearance: Pale straw-colored liquid

Packaging Options:
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