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Exocure™ CPI Photoinitiator Package

Exocure™ C-Liquigel, Kerley Ink's most easy to use photoinitiator for mercury vapor lamp-cured inks. Kerley Ink makes its own photoinitator packages internally for optimum control and economy.

ExoCure™ CPI is a complete photoinitiator package designed and manufactured by Kerley Ink for use in most pigmented UV-cured inks. ExoCure CPI is a Norrish type II photoinitiator featuring photoreactivity in the wavelengths emitted by low pressure mercury lamps and a built-in amine synergist to reduce oxygen inhibition. CPI contains Isopropyl Thioxanthones (ITX).  ExoCure CPI does not contain Benzophenone. Formulas using this product should be closely examined before food contact is recommended.

ExoCure CPI is suitable for use in colors and coatings where film yellowing is not a significant consideration. The main application for ExoCure CPI is for UV-cure inks for use with low pressure mercury UV lamps as the curing energy source.  ExoCure CPI is supplied as a soft crystalline semi-solid with a pale yellow color.

Typically 6%-7% of ExoCure CPI is used for lighter, more photo-transparent colors, and 9% to 14% of ExoCure CPI is used for darker and more photo-opaque colors.


Active ingredient: Norrish Type -II photoinitators

Active Content: 100%

Solids Content: 100%

Appearance: Soft, near-crystalline straw colored solid

Packaging Options:
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