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Exocure™ C-Liquigel Photoinitiator Package

Exocure™ C-Liquigel, Kerley Ink's most versatile Photoinitiaotr offering for mercury vapor lamp-cured inks. Kerley Ink makes its own photoinitator packages internally for optimum control and economy.

ExoCure™ C-Liquigel is a complete photoinitiator package designed and manufactured by Kerley Ink for use in most pigmented UV-cured inks. ExoCure C-Liquigel is a Norrish type II photoinitiator featuring photoreactivity in the wavelengths emitted by low pressure mercury lamps and a built-in amine synergist to reduce oxygen inhibition. ExoCure C-Liquigel contains Isopropyl Thioxanthones (ITX).  ExoCure C-liquigel does not contain Benzophenone. Formulas using this product should be closely examined before food contact is recommended.

ExoCure C-Liquigel is suitable for use in colors and coatings where film yellowing is not a significant consideration. The main application for ExoCure C-Liquigel is for UV-cure inks for use with low pressure mercury UV lamps as the curing energy source.  ExoCure C-Liquigel is supplied as a soft semi-liquid gel with a quasi-crystalline texture. Upon storage, Exocure™ C-Liquigel may exhibit some crystallization which can be successfully reversed by the application of heat ( maximum 145°F/63°C) and mild agitation.

Typically 7%-9% of ExoCure C-Liquigel is used for lighter, more photo-transparent colors, and 10% to 16% of ExoCure C-Liquigel is used for darker and more photo-opaque colors.


Active ingredient: Norrish Type -II photoinitators

Active Content: 72%

Solids Content: 100%

Vehicle type: 100% Acrylic

Appearance: Soft, near-liquid straw colored paste

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