EnviroLith™  - Ink Concentrate for all Conventional Paste Inks

"EnviroLith" - an essentially VOC-free system of super concentrated base colors...

Experience the EnviroLith™ ink concentrate blending system that we've developed to furnish ink makers with one simple, single, small-inventory system to supply clients with almost any conceivable shade of color in all these paste ink types:


Heatset/Low-VOC Heatset

Forms/Small Web Offset

Laser-compatible Forms

News Inks/Cold Web


In today’s challenging economic environment, inkmakers have to be able to do more with less. EnviroLith is perfect for in-plant and small, remote-branch ink manufacturing operations!


Kerley Ink realizes the need for such an economical, compact ink formulating system and has developed perhaps the ultimate inkmaking concept specifically designed to keep your inventory down and your formulation flexibility way up. EnviroLith is a Pantone (R) -balanced system of strong base inks that can be mixed and then modified by adding many low-cost extenders to change them into just about any kind of non-radiation curable paste ink in common use today. It’s technological magic!

What kind of formulas can be made with just one set of EnviroLith base color inks?

EnviroLith fulfills a wish list of technical specifications that will catapult your new formulations to the top of the “green ink” class. EnviroLith bases have less than 1% true VOC’s (Method 24) and feature up to 60% bio/renewables content! EnviroLith ships from Kerley Ink as a normal, freeflowing gel paste ink that’s easily mixed on low-horsepower equipment. For maximum formulation flexibility, EnviroLith bases have no waxes and are drier-free, so they can be used for foil stamping and lamination-ready inks, too.


EnviroLith bases are so precisely manufactured that they can be directly used in all automated digital paste ink blending systems on the market today. EnviroLith is the perfect system to use for in-plant installations, also!

The EnviroLith Series comes in these base colors...

• Neutral Mixing Black

• Process Blue
• Phthalo Green
• Rubine Red/Process Red
• Rhodamine Red
• Process Yellow
• Purple
• Reflex Blue

• Coatable Reflex Blue
• Violet

• Coatable Violet
• Warm Red

• Coatable Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

 See the table below showing specifications and product range:

Packaging Options:
3.5 gal bucket
3.5 gal bucket (30lbs)
55 Gal Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (400-450 lbs)
55 Gal Lined Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum with poly liner (400-450 lbs)
Kerley Steel Tote
280 Gal, Steel Body, Net 3000 lbs, pressurized
Spacekraft Bin 1000L
1000 Liter Spacekraft tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)
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