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Crystagloss™ LO VIS Letdown Vehicle
Soybeans Soya Beans

Crystagloss™ vehicles from Kerley Ink all feature free flow under gravitational shear, and come in a wide range of oil types, boiling ranges, and viscosities.

Crystagloss LO VIS vehicle is a 100% solids, soy-based letdown varnish intended for use as an "alkyd replacement". Crystagloss LO VIS vehicle is a soft, freeflowing product that can be added to a quickset or forms ink formula that has too much viscosity to "wake up" ink transfer. Immediate improvements in density and gloss are often reported.

Due to our unique resin combination, Crystagloss LO VIS vehicle will not increase inital setting time after impression, allowing jobs to be "backed up" quickly. Crystagloss LO VIS vehicle is drier-reactive and can form a hard film when cobalt/manganese catalysts are added.

Crystagloss LO MIST has 1% VOC content and has a 64% bio/renewables percentage.


Tack: 8 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 115 Poises/400 Dynes/sqCM Yield @ 40 C

Resin Type: Rosin-Modified Phenolic 150C Melt Pt

Solvent Percentage: 1% 

Solvent Boiling Range: 560- 750°F

Soy/Vegetable Oil Content: approx 64%

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