Crystagloss™ LO MIST free flow Litho Letdown Vehicle

Crystagloss LO MIST is a low tack, low-misting vehicle primarily intended for use in economy sheetfed, web forms and heatset web offset ink formulations intended for use on ultra high-speed presses. Crystagloss LO MIST delivers great gloss, instant ink film drying, and excellent ink flow WITHOUT misting! Use Crystagloss LO MIST as a freeflowing vehicle to soften ink formulas that are too short-bodied.

Crystagloss LO MIST has 38% VOC content and has a 18% bio/renewables percentage.


Tack: 10 points @ 400 RPM @ 90 F

Viscosity (Laray): 185 Poises/2,100 Dynes/sqCM Yield @ 40 C

Resin Type: Rosin-Modified Phenolic 155C Melt Pt

Solvent Percentage: 38% 

Solvent Boiling Range: 435- 750°F

Soy/Vegetable Oil Content: approx 6%

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