Cameron Book Press Blacks

Kerley "CAM" Book Press Black is a unique line of heatset "letter-flex" blacks specifically intended for the Cameron "belt" book press. Due to the presses' unusual "letter-flex" ink train design and printing configuration, inks for this press must be non-misting heatset inks with excellent drying ability. Few presses are left in the United States, and some have been moved to locations across the world. We have the world's largest variety of inks for this press, all available as "Special Order" items. Call for details.

The Cameron Belt Book Press... a modern marvel of mechanical engineering. Paper and ink went in, and complete, bound book came out the other end. The text and illustrations were encoded on a flexible belt. A complete revolution of the belt results in a complete book.

Right:  Racks which hold the huge printing belt "plates". One revolution of a belt would yield one side of a book. Passing the web of paper through to the second belt would print the other side of the book in a configuration unique to flexo and letterpress printing.

Packaging Options:
3.5 gal bucket
3.5 gal bucket (30lbs)
55 Gal Straight Side Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (400-450 lbs)
55 Gal Lined Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum with poly liner (400-450 lbs)
Kerley Steel Tote
280 Gal, Steel Body, Net 3000 lbs, pressurized
Spacekraft Bin 1000L
1000 Liter Spacekraft tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)
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Spacekraft Bin 1000L

1000 Liter Spacekraft tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)