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BCO (Blown Castor Oil)

Castor Beans: the bean is crushed, and the valuable oil is expelled to produce a raw material for many purposes, including lubricants and emulsion-control agents.

BCO (Blown Castor Oil) is an old-time favorite for controlling water pickup in all types of lithographic and offset inks. A pale, straw-colored liquid with the characteristic odor of castor bean oil, BCO is stirred in at a low temperature to produce optimum results.


Usually, only one or two percent is all that is needed to bring water pickup down to desired levels. BCO is recommended for most colors. Some pigments, such as Lithol Rubine, tend to gel up when BCO is used in the formula. We suggest the use of an alternative water pickup control agent.


BCO  has 100% bio/renewables content.

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