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Advantiox MSOY no-skin Antioxidant fluid

Advantiox™ MSOY is a clear, straw colored fluid that stirs in easily to all oil-based litho offset inks and bases. Advantiox™ helps keep inks "open" on-press and also helps eliminate the early formation of "skin" in inks and pigment preparations.

Advantiox MSOY is a stir-in antioxidant fluid intended for use in sheetfed litho inks and bases. It is based in soy oil ester, and has virtually no volatiles. Advantiox MSOY will prevent the formation of "skin" on inks and bases when they are exposed to air for prolonged periods of time. The recommended dosage is 0.25% - 1.0% of formula weight.

Be careful not to use much more than 1% of Advantiox MSOY because it may completely stop the action of metal drier catalysts on drying oils and resins in an air-curing ink.

Active antioxidant type: BHT
Solids Content: 96+%
Vehicle type: Soy Oil methyl Ester

Bio/renewables content: 67%
Appearance: amber liquid

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