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45 Plus™ Quickset/Heatset Base Black

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A very large range of pigment dispersions is made by Kerley Ink Above, carbon black is being dispersed in our laboratory. We have what you are looking for...

45 Plus Base Black is one of our more innovative and versatile black base products. Containing approximately 45% carbon black, this base can be used to make almost any type of oil-based conventional offset ink. It is particularly good for making heatset inks and fast-setting quickset/sheetfed formulas. This base's relatively high concentration of carbon black pigment also means that one uses less base and more of the letdown vehicle that one is trying to emphasize in one's formula.

Despite its relatively lower viscosity, this base can yield ink formulas with a high viscosity-to-tack ratio. This attribute is particularly helpful for making low-tack inks that must not break down in the ink trains of high-speed web offset and sheetfed presses.

Chemical Resistance:     5% HCl: Excellent    5% NaOH: Excellent

Bleed Resistance:

Water:  Excellent   Ethanol:  Excellent   Hot Paraffin:  Excellent   Soap:  Excellent   Lacquer Solvents: Excellent   Linseed Oil: Excellent   Diethylene Glycol:  Excellent   Mineral Spirits: Excellent

Lightfastness:  Full Strength:  Excellent  Tint: Excellent


Pigment type: pigment-grade furnace carbon black

Pigment Content: 45.3%

VOC Content: 13%

Solvent Boiling Range: 520 to 750 F

Vehicle type: Quickset/Heatset Multipurpose

Bio/renewables content: 20%

Appearance: Thick, tacky black paste

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